In recent years, Japanese cuisine has gained significant popularity overseas, and businesses involved in Japanese cuisine have been booming. The inscription of washoku, the traditional dietary culture of Japan, onto the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity has spurred this popularity on. Taken alongside the existing reputation of Japanese cuisine as a healthy choice, this new recognition of washoku speaks volumes about the high acclaim in which Japan’s culinary culture is held.

It is wonderful to see Japanese cuisine enjoy such popularity, but the truth is that understanding about the food of Japan lags behind its popularity. From our base in London, we are working to change this by promoting greater knowledge of and familiarity with Japan’s rich culinary heritage.

Our activities fall into three main categories.

The Japanese Culinary Academy UK also undertakes other associated activities relevant to its status as a voluntary and non-profit organisation.

These are the aims upon which the Japanese Culinary Academy UK was established, on January 1, 2015, as a voluntary and non-profit organisation. In 2014, as a preliminary event, the Academy invited Dr. Kumiko Ninomiya, of the Ajinomoto Institute of Food Sciences and Technologies, to hold a seminar on dashi—Japanese stock naturally rich in umami. In 2015, the Academy worked with Japan’s National Federation of Agricultural Co-operative Associations (ZEN-NOH) to hold a workshop on authentic Japanese wagyu beef. Both events were very well received.

The Japanese Culinary Academy UK hopes to build a wide membership, not only of culinary professionals, but also of representatives of Japanese restaurants, food manufacturers and importers working with Japanese food, and other people with business interests in Japanese food and drink. Our aim is to provide opportunities for people with a shared interest in Japanese cuisine to meet, exchange information, and develop useful networks.

We also aim to organise events which can give people with an interest in Japanese cuisine, who are based in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe, the opportunity to learn more about the origins of Japanese cuisine and to further their understanding of the food and associated culture of Japan. In addition, we hope to provide opportunities for students and children to learn more about food and dietary health.

Aside from the above, we will be undertaking a wide programme of activities designed to promote authentic Japanese food.

In order to attend Japanese Culinary Academy UK events, you must register as a member. There are three categories of membership available: private (culinary professional, non-culinary professional) and corporate.

Private Membership, Type A: culinary professional
Private Membership, Type B: other

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For suppliers of Japanese food, businesses and organisations
wishing to support the goals of the Academy

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For individuals who wish to participate in Academy events
(Please note that where space is limited, priority will be given to
those with full membership)

About Friends Membership

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*Membership fees (2015):
Private membership: £60 annually;
Corporate membership: £300 annually;
Friends: free registration

*The Japanese Culinary Academy UK is a sister organisation to , an established body in Japan which played a crucial role in securing the UNESCO inscription for washoku.